Mahuta Digital design and develop web integration, web and mobile software, CaaS CMS development and API development solutions

About Mahuta

Mahuta Digital is a new Whangārei based web integration, web and mobile development shop. Though the shop is new, Mahuta's co-founders have more than 50 years of combined experience in the tech sector. We specialise in web integration - joining an organisation's existing systems together into one tight, workable solution that increases efficiency and allows the achievement of objectives.

Our Vision

To produce innovative, robust and extensible software solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Best Practice

We build, robust, reliable and elegant software using recognised architectural and design patterns and first class development and life cycle management tools. We test each solution (hard!) to ensure that it meets your business needs.

Open Source

We use established (not bleeding edge) open source technologies. These allow us to:

  • focus on our customers’ unique business needs: because the common and infrastructural problems have already been solved.
  • significantly reduce our total build and licensing costs.
  • contribute to, and benefit from the contributions of others in the broad developer communities that support and continue to evolve open source software.

Next Generation

Our long term vision is to be involved in the development of a tech sector in Northland. We're committed to training tertiary tech graduates in an apprenticeship model in a commercial, best practice software development shop. We want to pass on the good practice we've learnt - usually the hard way - and at the same time incorporate the innovation and vision of the next generation of developers.

Web Integration

We design and build solutions that integrate with an organisation's internal and external systems to provide efficiencies and increase competitive advantages.

Web Integration

CMS Development

We leverage the expertise and continuous enhacement of specialist cloud based CMS providers (CaaS / headless CMS) like Contentful and integrate with your web solution. This means that instead of compromising with a CMS platform that tries to do everything, you get a customised solution that uses the best possible tools and integrates them into your application.

Customised CMS

Mobile Development

We develop mobile apps in Xamarin which means one code base to manage the different mobile platforms. This saves money and time in the initial build and with ongoing maintenance.

Mobile Development

How We Work

These are the steps we use to guide you through the process of creating the solution that your business needs. We won't claim to be able to create an exact plan for a large integration project from its inception - requirements change and new opportunities are discovered - but our process allows us to incorporate change to deliver the best possible solution.



We work closely with you to understand your objectives, to clearly define the scope of the business problem or opportunity, and to identify candidate solutions. The resulting problem statement is clear and precise and can be used as a point of reference to ensure that your new solution fully meets the needs of your business or organisation.



We develop and document a statement of the functional, security and other requirements – to the level of detail necessary for your specific needs.



We design and document the software solution, including its technical and security architecture, workflows, wireframes, and any legacy system or other external interfaces.



Writing code! This is often done incrementally – using continuous integration and deployment processes to deliver quality checked new build iterations to our testing environment.


User Acceptance Testing

We bring all the pieces together into a dedicated UAT environment for you to test the new solution – or new feature release. We support you throughout this process ensuring that any defects are registered, monitored and promptly resolved.


Delivery & Support

We deliver your new solution or feature release into its live (production) environment and conduct thorough production verification tests before making it available to its end users. We are then with you to support your new solution – to agreed service levels – via our support channel. Because we value relationships, we like to think of this as not the end, but the beginning of an ongoing journey where we are available to support you with your future technology and solution needs.

Technology Stack

We've chosen a technology stack that comprises a set of modern, open source development tools including .NET Core, Angular and Xamarin. These tools allow us to create stable, extensible, testible, future-proofed solutions that play well with your existing systems and that are host agnostic.


HTML5 | CSS 3 | SASS | AngularJS


Xamarin (one code base for iOS and Android)



.NET Core | SQL Server | MySQL

IaaS and CaaS

Google Cloud Platform | Amazon Web Services | Contentful

We're constantly evaluating new technologies but we've learnt that having a stable technology stack allows us to use a framework for common functionality like authentication, security, logging and auditing. That means we've got more time to focus on the specific objectives of your business knowing that we're building on top of a secure and robust base.

  • .NET Core
  • Xamarin
  • AWS
  • Contentful
  • HTML5

Mahuta's People

Our founders have more than 50 years of combined experience in the tech sector.

  • Nev Meehan

    Nev Meehan

    Solutions Architect

    Nev is a solutions architect and full stack developer with over 30 years IT experience. Nev is a proponent of Domain Driven Design and of the truism that ‘simplicity is beauty’. Originally from Abingdon, England, Nev worked for software houses in London, New York, and Tampa Florida before settling here in New Zealand.

    021 250 5930


  • Matt Keene

    Matt Keene

    Software Development

    Matt is a full stack developer with 20 years IT experience in financial institutions, telcos and insurance providers in Europe and NZ. Matt believes that the more assumptions that are made, the less likely a solution is to succeed. Originally from Whangārei, Matt returned home in 2004. Matt is active in the community and serves on several NFP boards.

    021 361 123


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